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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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a carefully erased description of Mrs. Barbauld's 'rhymes,' which, whatever it may have been, was evidently regarded as too severe.
Two paragraphs are cancelled in the letter of Jan. 1, 1792 (Cunningham's edition, vol. ix. pp. 365-7, No. 2,840 in the present edition), as well as about half of the letter of March 23, 1793 (Cunningham's edition, vol. ix. pp. 405-7, No. 2,882 in the present edition).
Not only have these alterations been made in the MSS., but they have been faithfully reproduced in the printed editions, including that of Cunningham.
In Walpole's letter to Hannah More of June 23, 1789 (Cunningham's edition, vol. ix. pp. 182-3, No. 2,680 in the present edition), the name ' Madame Piozzi' has been erased, but is still legible through the erasure. "Wright, the editor of the 1840 edition of the letters, filled the blank with the name of Bruce, the African traveller!—in which lie is followed by Cunningham. The word 'she,' referring to Mrs. Piozzi, has been altered into 'this,' and the word ' author' has been inserted, in order to veil Horace Walpole's reference, which is uncomplimentary1.
These letters are now printed (except where the writing has been obliterated) as Walpole wrote them.
In spite of repeated inquiries through the medium of the press in England and America, as well as through private channels, I have not been able to trace the originals of any of the letters to the Countess of Ailesbury, Charles Bedford, Grrosvenor Bedford, Eichard Bentley, Dr. Ducarel, Edward Gibbon, John Henderson, the Earl of Hertford, Lady Hervey, David Hume, Eobert Jephson, the Eev. "William Mason, John Nichols, Dr. Eobertson, the Earl of Strafford, Countess 1 See Athenceum, Dec. 8, 1900.